Kristine Potter


Kristine Potter is an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee, whose work explores masculine archetypes, the American landscape, and cultural tendencies toward mythologizing the past. Her previous work has focused on young male military cadets (“The Gray Line”) and the relentless danger of the American west (“Manifest”). Both of these series reframe the mythology of indomitable men and explore the bleed between human violence and natural threat. In her current body of work, “Dark Waters,” Potter uses film, image, and sound to depict threatening waters and the people around them. This work investigates a feedback loop between nature and myth: how a threatening landscape primes a culture for violence, and a violent culture projects threat onto a landscape. Potter was awarded a MFA in photography from Yale University in 2005. She is a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow and the current awardee of the Grand Prix Image Vevey. Her first monograph, Manifest, was published by TBW Books in 2018.

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